Untools Templates Complete Bundle

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This bundle contains...

All available Untools templates at a discounted price!

Improve your problem-solving, decision-making and systems-thinking, today.

In this bundle, you'll get 9 PDF templates and 7 Notion with guides:

  • Abstraction Laddering: Frame your problem better with different levels of abstraction (PDF only)
  • Connection Circles: Understand relationships and identify feedback loops within systems (PDF only)
  • Eisenhower Matrix: Prioritize your actions and tasks by importance and urgency (PDF and Notion)
  • Decision Matrix: Choose the best option by considering multiple factors (PDF and Notion)
  • Iceberg Model: Uncover root causes of events by looking at hidden levels of abstractions (PDF and Notion)
  • Ladder of Inference: Avoid jumping to conclusions and make decisions based on reality (PDF and Notion)
  • Second-Order Thinking: Consider the long-term consequences of your decisions (PDF and Notion)
  • Conflict Resolution Diagram: Find win-win solutions to conflicts (PDF and Notion)
  • Situation-Behavior-Impact: Give clearer feedback to others without judgement (PDF only)

Each templates comes with a guide that includes an example to help you use it.
You can start applying the tools immediately and improve your thinking today.

Learn more about each tool and discover more thinking tools on untools.co

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9 PDF templates and 7 Notion templates with guides

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Untools Templates Complete Bundle

0 ratings
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